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I wanted to sell a home that was given to me. I never lived in it since I already owned a home. I had thought about renting it out, but it needed so much work done to it so it just sat there for a few years with no one living in it. I didn’t want to continue to let the house just sit and wanted to get rid of it as soon as possible. I started looking for a way to sell my house and sell it fast.

I went online and looked for fast ways to sell a home. I found that I could list it with a realtor, but unless it was fixed up, it may not sell that quickly. I kept searching and that’s when I came across We Buy Houses Cash San Antonio. I had seen signs around the area for them before, but kind of forgot about them. I wanted to learn more about their home buying process and how it all worked. I went to their website and looked over their information. I found lots of informative posts on their website and testimonials from customers that had sold homes to them. I thought this would be a great option and wanted to call them to see what they could tell me on the phone.

I called them and got a little bit more information and I was pretty happy with everything they told me. I couldn’t wait to see what they would offer for my home so I set up an appointment with them to take a look at it. It was a few days later so in the meantime, I went online and searched for We Buy Houses Cash San Antonio reviews. I wanted to find out what other customers had to say about their process and their offers. I read several things about the company that was pretty good and I was anxious to see what they could tell me.

They arrived for their appointment and thoroughly inspected the house and all around it. They made me an offer shortly after that and I couldn’t turn it down. It was a great offer to get a home that I didn’t use off my hands. I immediately accepted the offer and signed the paperwork right there. They said they would have a check for me tomorrow in the amount of the offer and they would call me when it was ready. I was shocked at how fast they were able to do everything.

The next day I went to the office and picked up my check. I was able to deposit it into my bank account immediately. I am so glad I was able to get something out of this home I was doing nothing with. It has really helped with my finances and I am relieved that I don’t have this home any longer. I am glad I found this company to sell my home to.

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